“Did you know that if you are pregnant and your hands go numb, it could be carpal tunnel syndrome of pregnancy?”

Carpal tunnel syndrome is common in pregnancy, occurs when there is a retention of fluid in the tissues, this is known as edema. This fluid compresses a nerve that is located in the wrist and reaches the fingers and that when compressed causes symptoms such as tingling, lack of sensitivity, loss of strength in the hand and even pain.

The syndrome occurs most often after the second trimester of pregnancy and may last even up to a few weeks after delivery.

Symptoms may occur more frequently during the morning and be particularly painful at this time of day because during the night, when sleeping with arms and wrists bent, the edema increases. It is more frequent in your dominant hand or if you have previously had problems with the clavicle, neck or spine.

It can be annoying or painful but it is not a serious problem, it usually resolves on its own when your hormonal status resolves and edema drops after delivery.

A hand surgeon can help you to combat the discomforts of carpal tunnel syndrome with non-surgical therapies, the use of anti-inflammatory medications compatible with breastfeeding, and the use of nocturnal splints.