Pediatric and Congenital Hand

Dr. Emmanuel offers comprehensive care for congenital or traumatic pathology of the hands in children. There are differences in development in some small patients, which affect the formation of the hands, such as the presence of more fingers than normal, or absence of them, abnormal union of two or more fingers or abnormal positions that deform them. Visit the Dr. for a full evaluation.

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  • Syndactyly
  • Polydactyly
  • Thumb defects and pollicization
  • Toe-to-hand transfer
  • Radial deficiencies
  • Club hand deformities
  • Cleft hand
Excellent service, very friendly and helpful. He was always available to clarify doubts and follow up before and after the operation.

Cynthia Valdes

Monterrey, NL.
Very professional and humane, kind and concerned about their patients. Explain very well the situation and how to approach the problem. Excellent work. I have nothing but words of thanks for him. Completely recommended.

Alma Cos

Monterrey, NL.