Tenosynovitis in the hand

Tendinopathies and sports injuries of the tendons: conditions in sites of tendinous inflammation that cause pain, usually when going through a tunnel or pulley, or when they are related to a repetitive or sporting activity. Examples of these are: DeQuervain tenosynovitis or trigger fingers, intersection syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, tenosynovitis of flexors and wrist extensors.

What is tenosynovitis?

Stenosing tenosynovitis or DeQuervain disease is a process in which the flexor sheath and tendons become inflamed as they pass repetitively through a pulley or retinaculum that holds them in place in the bones of the fingers, these pulleys play a very important role in the hand function.

What are the signs or symptoms?

When generating continuous friction between the tendon and the pulley, they can cause a kind of painful irritation in the flexor tendon, this at the level of the palm near the base of the fingers, the person who suffers it usually complains of morning pain that can improve during the day. Another symptom that patients with tenosynovitis suffer is the clicking or blocking of the affected fingers, that is, they feel that they bend but become stuck, and in severe cases they have to use their other hand to help them extend it. This happens because the tendon forms a kind of internal scar that, when trying to go through the pulley during the movement, becomes stuck and does not advance.


The treatment initially consists of pain and inflammation management with oral medications, infiltration with local steroids with low side effects, and in more advanced cases, surgery is required, which is done by means of a small incision (1cm) in the base of the affected finger.

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