Traumatic Hand and Wrist

The hands and wrists suffer injuries with a frequent presentation, the care you should receive in case of injuries such as fractures, simple or severe injuries, must be carried out by a specialist in hand.

Pediatric and Congenital Hand

On some pediatric patients, hand differences are present at birth, these affect the development of the hands, such as the presence of more fingers than normal, or absence of them, abnormal union of two or more fingers or other abnormal anatomical deficiencies.


You have surely heard the term "Carpal tunnel syndrome" this is the most frequent nerve compression in the upper extremity. CTS and other peripheral nerve compressions must receive care from a hand specialist.

Elbow and Forearm

Dr. Emmanuel Ruiz offers care for traumatic diseases in the elbow and forearm such as fractures, dislocations or sprains.

Degenerative Diseases of the Hands

A fundamental part in the health of the hands is the attention to the degenerative pathologies such as degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis and rigid hands.

Wrist Injuries

Dr. Emmanuel Ruiz is one of the few Mexican physicians trained in the total replacement of the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint (DRUJ) in the wrist using the total DRUJ replacement (Aptis).

Rheumatic Pathology of the Hand

Rheumatoid arthritis affects various structures of the hands, tendons, soft tissues and especially the joints are involved, deforming them and subjecting them to a functional disability that can sometimes only be corrected surgically.

Tendinous inflammation

Tendinopathies and sports injuries of the tendons: conditions in sites of tendon compression that generate inflammation and pain.

Tenosynovitis in the hand

Tendinopathies and sports injuries of the tendons: conditions in sites of tendinous inflammation that cause pain, usually when going through a tunnel or pulley, or when they are related to a repetitive or sporting activity.

Rizarthrosis or thumb base wear

Osteoarthritis of the base of the thumb is the wear of the surface on the bones of this finger, usually occurring at the base of the same.

Ganglion or synovial cyst

Synovial cyst, also known as ganglion, is a benign, sac-like mass commonly found on the back of the wrist or joint at the end of the fingers.

Dupuytren’s disease

Dupuytren's disease is a condition in which the thick layer of tissue located between the skin and the tendons of the palm of the hand, known as fascia, is thickened and / or contracted.

Fly plate injuries

The volar plate is a thick ligament that prevents hyperextension in the joints of the fingers. If a hyperextension occurs with sufficient force, a rupture of the volar plate may occur at its insertion in the middle phalanx of the finger.

DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis

DeQuervain's tenosynovitis consists of an inflammation of two tendons that pass along the wrist and are inserted into the thumb.


A neuroma is a part of an irritated or injured nerve. It can occur due to an acute injury that produces a laceration or contusion of a nerve or it can appear as a result of repetitive trauma to a nerve.

Lateral epicondylitis

Lateral epicondylitis is an inflammation of the tendons that attach some muscles of the forearm to the outer side of the elbow.

Mallet finger

The hammer toe, also known as the baseball player's finger, is a deformity in the finger punch caused by the inability to extend it completely.

Injuries of the tip of the finger or the nail bed

Injuries to the tip of the finger and the nail bed (the skin under the nail) are the most common injuries on the hand.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic and systemic autoimmune disease that tends to progress in severity if left untreated.


Reimplantation is the surgical procedure that involves reattaching a part of the body that has been completely amputated.