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– Surgeon.
– Specialty in Hand and Microsurgery.
– Board certified in Orthopedic Surgery.


Specialist in Hand
Committed to comprehensive care of your hands, in order to improve your quality of life.


– Mexican Association of Hand Surgery.
– Mexican Society of Hand Surgery and Microsurgery.
– American Society for the Surgery of the Hand.

Dr. Emmanuel Ruíz

Dr. Emmanuel Ruiz is a Hand Surgery specialist trained at the Christine M Kleinert Institute in Louisville Kentucky, one of the most prominent, world-renowned centers in hand surgery.
His practice is based at the Christus Muguerza Group hospitals in Monterrey México.


Dr. Emmanuel Ruiz is a surgeon specialized in the study, diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the hand.

Traumatic Hand and Wrist

The hands and wrists suffer injuries with a frequent presentation, the care you should receive in case of injuries such as fractures, simple or severe injuries, must be carried out by a specialist in hand.

Pediatric and Congenital Hand

On some pediatric patients, hand differences are present at birth, these affect the development of the hands, such as the presence of more fingers than normal, or absence of them, abnormal union of two or more fingers or other abnormal anatomical deficiencies.


You have surely heard the term "Carpal tunnel syndrome" this is the most frequent nerve compression in the upper extremity. CTS and other peripheral nerve compressions must receive care from a hand specialist.

Elbow and Forearm

Dr. Emmanuel Ruiz offers care for traumatic diseases in the elbow and forearm such as fractures, dislocations or sprains.

Degenerative Diseases of the Hands

A fundamental part in the health of the hands is the attention to the degenerative pathologies such as degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis and rigid hands.

Wrist Injuries

Dr. Emmanuel Ruiz is one of the few Mexican physicians trained in the total replacement of the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint (DRUJ) in the wrist using the total DRUJ replacement (Aptis).



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